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strategic Parent Coaching Group

Parenting often feels impossible. Parents and caregivers often need to be able to discuss what is really going on and have guidance applying effective solutions, sometimes even step-by-step, in the middle of it all. That is why Intra-Connected, LLC is now offering an Online Strategic Parent Coaching Group (SPCG). This group provides an alternative to the control and permissive parenting models that don't work. The SPCG is built around neuroscience principles as discussed and presented in Irresistible Parenting (IP). WARNING: Positive change is highly likely for active participants.


Real Life situations: This group is all about real life application. As we work with situations parents are facing, we will identify words, tone, body language, attitudes, rhythm, and much more to help you respond strategically. The goal is to be as specific as possible in applying strategies and identifying contingencies. In follow-up group meetings we will debrief efforts to implement and further fine tune parents’ skills and use of strategies.

Getting to the Root for Long-Term Change: True change requires multi-dimensional work. Unhealthy behavior can’t be eliminated by only focusing on behavior (a bit of a mind twist!). We must engage in our own trauma work to shift our beliefs and procedural memory to have life-long change. While this is not the primary focus of group, we will incorporate some of this work as well. Remember, the goal of this group is life-long positive shifts in how parents show up as individuals, partners, and ultimately as parents. Therefore, parenting philosophy will also be directly addressed.


Addressing Codependency: Codependency is a key hidden factor that drives family dysfunction and undermines healthy parenting. Therefore, active codependency recovery will be woven throughout the work of this group. We will identify specific patterns of codependency, interventions, and healthy alternative patterns.  As we get healthier, we parent healthier!

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2023 online strategic Parent Coaching group

The Strategic Parent Coaching Group (SPCG) is 12 group sessions in a three-month period.  Group size is limited to 8 families. Each group is 80 minutes long and revolves around three dynamics: Real life parenting issues going on with your children, Codependency recovery, and Application of strategies, tools, and skills, taught in the Irresistible Parenting philosophy.

When: Wednesdays, 4:30 to 5:50p (Pacific Time)

Length: 12 weeks over three months

Cost: Only $600 per family group

(ask about discount for single parents)

Prerequisites: You must be growth minded and open to addressing how your own past experiences have shaped deep beliefs and patterns that contribute to dysfunction in the family system. Addressing your own responses will help us move to an advanced level of work.


Target Participants: This is set up to work with all caregivers in a family’s system. It is best if all caregivers are involved. If you have questions about this please ask. While discounts are available for single parents in the group, this does not apply simply because one parent opts out.

Closed Groups: Please note that these are closed groups; which means that once the sequence starts, no new members will be added even if the group is not full.  New members will need to wait for the start of the next sequence. Groups start at the beginning of each calendar quarter (January, April, July, October). Further, current group members will have priority to sign up for the next sequence if they choose.  New members will be added as space becomes available. 

Assignments and Homework: will be woven throughout as appropriate.  Homework is based on the specific situations you are dealing with, not just studying concepts and ideas.


Three Required Texts: The following are required texts for this group:

  1. Parenting From the Inside Out, revised edition, © 2014 by Dr. Daniel Siegel

  2. Brain Based Parenting © 2012 by Dr. Daniel Hughes

  3. What Do You Say by Stixrud and Johnson, © 2021

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