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2020 online Parent Coaching class

Parent Coaching is key to making significant shifts in parenting.  Parent Coaching Class is a cost-effective way to get this coaching over time. 

I’m guessing that since you are reading this, you are looking for a way to make a shift in your parenting in order to maximize your influence in your child’s life, improve your communication, create stronger, healthier connections, and generally have better family interactions. 

The bottom line:  If you want to make this shift, you won’t get it from reading a book.  You need consistent exposure to an approach that makes sense, support to keep at it even when it doesn’t appear to be working, and clear guidance on how to implement this healthier, more effective way of parenting. 

The Parent Coaching Class (PCC) provides this in a consistent, dependable, integrated way.  Please give me a call, send me an email, or fill out the contact sheet below and I’ll reach out to you. 


  • Class meets weekly on Monday evenings at 5:30 PST

  • The Parent Coaching Class is live each week

  • Attend on your computer or other device from anywhere with good WiFi

  • Classes are fully interactive with video and audio – in real time

  • Ask questions, make comments, identify strategies

  • Discuss questions, struggles, problems, and find strategies and solutions

  • Each class has a topic relevant to parenting and how to make the shift into effective parenting

  • Learn to think differently as a parent

  • Get ongoing support to implement effective parenting tools

Note about the curriculum: This is a curriculum put together by Rawland Glass, MSW, LCSW after 40 years of studying parenting.  He draws from a number of resources; his childhood, his experience as a parent, many years as a Social Worker, Therapist, and Parent Coach.  The curriculum centers around two books: Parenting From The Inside Out by Dr. Daniel Siegel MD and Brain Based Parenting by Dr. Daniel Hughes, Ph.D. 

Who can benefit?

This is especially for the parent who feels lost in a measure of despair and confusion with a child who has a major challenge such as addiction, but it is not limited to these parents.  Any parent looking for a solidly research-based approach to parenting would benefit from this class. 

Parents of teens will find support working through the quagmire and black clouds of “nothing seems to work” and find strategies and tools to maximize their influence and effectiveness as a parent.

Parents of young children will find a road map for adjusting their parenting as their children grow into and through childhood, teenage, and young adult developmental stages.